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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

First day of school!

About Us:
Anthony, Solis, Demitri, Max, Shaolin, Griffin and Adina.

Our first day of school was great! We acomplished a lot. The kids told us about their summer vacation (ask them about the art contest!). We discussed what we want to learn about this year and what we like about school in general. Max said he loves puzzles (he was happy to find plenty of them in our classroom). Shaolin said she enjoys playing with her friends (she is friendly with everyone in the class). Solis told us he likes snacks (and he enjoyed his bagel today). Adina shared her love for painting (and she already made a beautiful painting mixing the three primary colors). Demitri said he likes playing (and we also noticed he enjoys all kinds of blocks). Both Anthony and Griffin admited their favorite part of a day is going outside (so out we went!)

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